Coaching – what is it?

A coach is someone who looks at your current situation and guides you to where you want to go. If you don’t know yet where you’re heading to, than that’s ok as well. That’s why you are on this page.

Floating around can be nice as if it is to rest, but it will bring you nowhere on the long run. A coach asks you questions you never ask yourself, is a supporter on the sideline, someone who holds your highest vision, always. You take the walk and the coach will walk along side you.
Coaching will help awakening your true potential.

Stress management and burn-out coaching helps you understand why you have so much on your plate, or why you let others put it there. A stress and burnout coach is able to identify stress signals, identify stressors, looks where they come from and seeks with you the best way to deal with it.
A stress and burn out coach Is someone who guides you through the burnout process towards your recovery.

It is an intense process, a process of growth. You get an insight in your own stressors and how to cope with them differently. It strengthens your self-image and confidence.

We look at what motivates you, what gives you energy, what connects with your personality and what your talents are.  We look at what you no longer want and where you want to go to!

Everything has its origin in our thinking, in the way we look at things and the way we react when something happens to us.

I would love to start this journey with you, to help you to think in a different way, to explore what you really want and how you want it, and see you shine again.


Coaching is not the same as therapy. We don’t treat people, we coach. Coaches believe that the solution is already in the person. Through coaching techniques, this becomes apparent. We mainly focus on the future.

People with physical complaints are recommended to go to their general practitioner to rule out any pathology. Coaches don’t diagnose illness.
People with depression will be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist.
Coaching is nothing medical, is not a quick fix, no coffee chatting.


If you would like to know if coaching might be useful for you, contact me using the form below.

Get to know my method during a free intake interview. 




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