“People don't break because they are weak, it's because they have been strong for too long.”


Most probably, you have been struggling about it for some time. Perhaps you are experiencing stress in your workplace, in your own home or just feel stress about everything that “has to be done”.

Burnout is not a hammock, it’s a springboard. A catalyst for a better you. Most probably you don’t feel this right now, but you did not end up by coincidence on this page. If you want to get out of the quicksand, you are in the right place.


I believe that if people are more aware, they make better choices, and if they make better choices they get better results.

I will encourage you to become the captain of your life again. I will support you through the process of regaining your strength, your abilities, perhaps for the first time.

To witness people finding back their strengths, sometimes for the first time in their lives, is a wonderful process, and is the essence of being able to take control of their lives again.

My own personal experience led me to seek a coach in the past, and I learned that there was life after a burn – out. My life changed for the better. And how! And if I’ve discovered that, so can you!

Who benefits from Coaching?

People, who turn to me, know very well what they do not want anymore. They repeat it constantly. And that’s normal!

Those, I had the privilege to coach  were tired, even angry; they were disillusioned, frightened, frustrated, felt guilty, incompetent and sometimes, extremely sad. But, above all, they wanted to move forward! They wanted to find a way out of their stress and burnout situation.

Perhaps this is a bit intimidating at present; perhaps it makes you think that it’s a bit heavy, that you are not yet sure you want to dig into all this just now. It means, facing it. Not nice. And maybe you think: “I don’t feel like it actually.”

We both know that your current situation doesn’t take you any further. On the contrary, it diverts you far away of everything you are or want to be.

My coachees take encouraging steps towards a new self. They recognize that if they want to be or have something better, they will have to learn to see and do things differently from now on.

What would make you approach a coach?

  • You want to get out of this situation
  • You are hungry for growth, for change
  • You want to build your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • You want to learn to deal with difficult situations
  • You want to develop skills to deal with stress in a positive way
  • You want to avoid this situation in the future
  • You want your energy and vitality back into your life
  • You want to know what your strengths are

Results you can expect throughout the coaching process:

  • You understand that the quality of your thoughts determines your results
  • You know what triggers your stress and how you better you cope with difficult situations.
  • You understand that events do not causes stress, but your perception of the events, does.
  • You recognize limiting thoughts and work towards a creative thinking process. Solution-oriented: what do I want to change – what are the possible solutions – how am I going to solve this!
  • You hold the steering wheel of your own life
  • You decide for yourself and develop your talents in a healthy way
  • You make plans and put them into action
  • You feel you have grown into a safer environment

With Petra it is always coming home whether you know her well or not at all.
Her warm personality and contagious laughter always make my day good.
A wonderful person with special insights and a delicious portion of humor!


In my view, Petra Alders (whom I know since many years ago) was born with the talent of Listening.

Just like Momo, the little child of the story of Michael Ende who helped people, animals and things to let them change by their own resources (of which they are not always aware).

Petra listens, not only with her ears, but with her eyes, her gestures, with all her body. Once you talk to her, you feel more relieved, lighter, joyful. Without that burden… You know what I mean…

Javier, Spain 
Javier, Spain
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